Wayne Torlakson

Wayne Torlakson
NALU Longboard Browsing Breakthrough #19 2000: A good 8 web page job interview with this Japoneses journal explores the actual art work as well as existence sights associated with artist/surfer, Wayne Torlakson; consists of numerous pictures associated with Torlakson’s facilities, as well as their essential oil art, watercolors, images, as well as toons.
THE NUMEROUS AREAS OF THE ACTUAL ARTWORK ASSOCIATED WITH SAMSON REGULATION 1998: Preface through Wayne Torlakson for any guide released through the Federal government associated with Macau.

ARTWORK 7 DAYS 1997: Post (and duplication associated with painting) through Wayne Torlakson upon “ Piece of art Water” associated with the actual publication’s style: The sun and rain associated with Drinking water.

THE ACTUAL SURFER’S DIARY 1993: Quantity 2, Quantity 4, Web page 20; reproductions associated with MAVERICK’S/CLARK, 18″ by 56″ essential oil upon canvas (big influx browsing image) as well as picture associated with designer along with canvas.

THE ACTUAL ARTIST’S JOURNAL. 04 1989: “ Deepening the 3rd Dimension” through Wayne Torlakson along with Judith Gordon; webpages 50 -55; Post upon essential oil piece of art as well as illusionary products, several reproductions associated with art as well as training pictures.

UNITED STATES REALISTIC LOOK. Twentieth-Century Sketches as well as Watercolors 1986: Abrams; through Alvin Martin; webpages 161, 225; determine 211: watercolor duplication.

MENDELOWITZ’S MANUAL IN ORDER TO SKETCHING. 1982: Holt, Rinehart as well as Winston; modified through Duane The. Wakeham; web page 13, determine 20: sketching duplication.

MODERN UNITED STATES REALISTIC LOOK because 1960. 1981: Ny Images Culture; through Honest They would. Goodyear, Junior.; webpages 153, two hundred, 201; determine 119: watercolor duplication.

ARTnews. Oct 1975: through Chris Honest; Overview of single exhibit along with Nancy Hoffman Gallery, Ny as well as watercolor duplication

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